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Super-Strength flavorings from LorAnn are very concentrated and of high-quality. Only a few drops are required so a one-ounce bottle will last a long time.

Swerve and Stevia

Swerve and Stevia are natural sweeteners that have zero carbs. Swerve comes in Confectioners and Granular form. Stevia should be pure and free of additives.

The manufacturer for Swerve indicates that 1 tsp of Granular Swerve corresponds to 1 tsp of granular sugar and 1 tsp of confectioners Swerve corresponds to 1 tsp confectioners sugar. Since confectioners sugar is less dense it takes 1 1/2 tsps of Confectioners Swerve to substitute for 1 tsp of granular sugar. For recipes that specify granular sugar be sure to add 50% if you are using Confectioners Swerve.

The 1 tsp of Stevia is equivalent to 1 cup of sugar and is far less expensive than Swerve. Some people experience a strong bitter aftertaste with Stevia but have no problem with Swerve. Those who are allergic to plants in the Compositae or Asteraceae family (such as chrysanthemums, marigolds, ragweed or daisies) may have an allergic reaction to stevia. These side effects are rarely experienced.

I use Stevia unless sugar adds significant bulk to a recipe. Here are links to Swerve, Stevia, and some mini spoons so you can precisely measure small amounts of Stevia:

Granular and Confectioners Swerve (bulk)
Mini Measuring Spoons
When using mini spoons be sure to level the Stevia with a straight edge, such as a knife, for precision. Since I only use Pinch and Tad I removed the remainng spoons from the ring. Note that one of the spoons in this set is not accurate. The Dash should be 1/8 tsp but has been found to be 1/11 tsp. The following table that illustrates the equivalence between Stevia and Sugar.
Spoon MeasureSugar
Drop1/64 tsp3/4 tsp
Smidgen1/32 tsp1 1/2 tsps
Pinch1/16 tsp1 tbsp
Dash1/11 tsp1 1/2 tbsps
2 Pinches1/8 tsp2 tbsps
Tad1/4 tsp 1/4 cup
1/2 tsp1/2 tsp1/2 cup
1 tsp1 tsp1 cup