Photoshop Plug-In

Remove Previous Versions

If you have previously installed PTLensPhotoshop.plugin remove it as follows:

  1. Close Photoshop (Photoshop > Quit)
  2. Delete the old plug-in, PTLensPhotoshop.plugin
  3. Open Photoshop, open an image, and try to invoke PTLens
  4. If you can still invoke PTLens go to step 1

The location of the plug-in is described in the following section.

Plug-in Location

A screen snapshot of the installation for Photoshop CS6:

A screen snapshot of the installation for Photoshop Elements 11:


To install PTLens close Photoshop (Photoshop > Quit) and copy file PTLensPhotoshop.plugin from the DMG distribution to the Library. To copy a file open Finder and Control-click on the source file and choose Copy. Then Control-click on the destination directory and choose Paste Item. The destination directory may be Plug-Ins or Plug-Ins > Filters depending on your installation.

Also included is file PTLensShift.atn, a Photoshop action that facilitates processing images taken with shift lenses.

If you are using a 32-bit version of Photoshop you are limited to 2GB of memory regardless of how much is installed. If you have Photoshop CS5 or later then Photoshop supports 64 bits and there are no memory limitations.

Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Photoshop reside in the same file. This file is located in Applications folder as illustrated below. Control-click on the Photoshop application file and choose Get Info. To maximize the use of memory ensure that the checkbox, Open in 32-bit mode, is not enabled.

Process an Image

Now we're ready to process an image. Start Photoshop, open on an image, and choose Filter > ePaperPress > PTLens.

If the dialog doesn't appear perhaps you forgot to disable Gatekeeper.