Photos External Editor

PTLens can be used as an external editor in Photos under the following environment:

While reading these instructions for using EEFP be sure to click on the following pages: Home, Screencast, and Support. Included in the PTLens distribution is, the external editor. Place this editor under your Applications directory. Since PTLens is not distributed through the Mac App Store additional instructions are below.

Click on Extensions and chose External Editors.

This reveals a dialog where you chose All Editors > PTLensEdit.

Since PTLens is not distributed through the Mac App Store you must manually indicate that is safe for use. Choose Applications > System Preferences, click on Security & Privacy, and click on Open Anyway.

Choose Open in the following dialog because yes, you are sure.

Then you will get the following weird message. That's because PTLensEdit is being invoked without an image to process. Just press OK and you are all set.

Next time you invoke PTLensEdit from Photos you will see the following dialog.

After making adjustments choose OK and the changes you made in PTLensEdit are saved. Note that you can always Revert to Original in Photos.