Lightroom External Editor

Remove Previous Versions

If you have previously remove it as follows:

  1. Close Lightroom (Lightroom > Quit)
  2. Delete the old editor,
  3. Open Lightroom, choose an image, and try to invoke PTLens (Photo > Edit In > PTLensEdit)
  4. If you can still invoke PTLens go to step 1

The external editor is typically found in your Applications directory..


To install PTLens drag file, the external editor, to the Applications icon in the DMG distribution. With Gatekeeper disabled, double-click on in your Applications directory. It will respond indicating that is the standalone program. Just ignore this warning as the purpose of this exercise is to acquaint Gatekeeper with the PTLensEdit.

Now that you've installed PTLensEdit, open Lightroom, choose Lightroom > Preferences, and click on the External Editing tab. In the lower-half of the screen you can configure an Additional External Editor. For Application (1) choose from your Applications directory. For the File Format (2) click on the drop-down list and select TIFF (8 or 16 bits).

WARNING: If it lists as your Application you have installed the wrong program. Try again only this time install

Process an Image

Now we're ready to process an image. Start Aperture, click on an image, and choose Photo > Edit In > PTLensEdit. Alternatively you can Control-click on an image and make the same selection.

If the dialog doesn't appear perhaps you forgot to double-click on with Gatekeeper disabled.

Lightroom will prompt you as to whether or not you wish to edit a copy or the original. I recommend you Edit a Copy with Lightroom Adjustments. PTLens should be called in the final stages of processing, after Lightroom adjustments have been made, but before resizing and cropping is done.