iPhoto External Editor

Notice - OS X 10.10

Currently the PTLens external editor does not work with iPhoto under OSX 10.10. While not as convenient, the standalone version may be used instead. After processing the image in the standalone version, import the processed image into iPhoto. To import an image in iPhoto choose File > Import to Library, navigate to the directory containing the output from PTLens, select the file, and choose the Import button.


To install PTLens drag file PTLensEdit.app, the external editor, to the Applications icon in the DMG distribution. With Gatekeeper disabled, double-click on PTLensEdit.app in your Applications directory. It will respond indicating that PTLens.app is the standalone program. Just ignore this warning as the purpose of this exercise is to acquaint Gatekeeper with the PTLensEdit.

Now that you've installed PTLensEdit, open iPhoto, choose iPhoto > Preferences, and click on the Advanced tab. Under Edit Photos choose PTLensEdit.app from your Applications directory. You have now established that PTLensEdit is your external editor.

Unfortunately, this also means that PTLensEdit is your default editor. In other words, when you click on the Edit icon in the lower right corner of your screen, it will invoke PTLens. If you want to invoke iPhoto instead, then re-select iPhoto in the Edit Photos drop-down list. See below for my setup.

WARNING: If it lists PTLens.app as your External Photo Editor you have installed the wrong program. Try again only this time install PTLensEdit.app.

Process an Image

Now we're ready to process an image. Start iPhoto, Control-click on an image and choose .

If the dialog doesn't appear perhaps you forgot to double-click on PTLensEdit.app with Gatekeeper disabled.

After you invoke PTLens iPhoto will effectively stack the results on top of the original image. You can always go back to the original image by choosing Photos > Revert to Original.

After you invoke PTLens you will be unable to edit the photo in iPhoto unless you make a duplicate copy. For this reason you should do all your iPhoto edits, except for cropping, before invoking PTLens.