Aperture Plug-in

Remove Previous Versions

If you have previously installed PTLens.ApertureEdit remove it as follows:

  1. Close Aperture (Aperture > Quit)
  2. Delete the old plug-in, PTLens.ApertureEdit
  3. Open Aperture, choose an image, and try to invoke PTLens (Photos > Edit with Plug-In > PTLens)
  4. If you can still invoke PTLens go to step 1

The plug-in may be in one of two locations as described in the next section.

Plug-In Locations

PTLens may be installed in one of two locations:

~/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins
/Library/Application Support/Aperture/Plug-Ins

The wavy line (~) is called a tilde and on US keyboards is below the ESC key. Otherwise, you may need to enter a special character sequence.

To visit the Library directories open Finder and choose Go > Go to Folder.

Press ENTER and Finder will display a small dialog. Enter either ~/Library or /Library. The ~/Library directory applies to the current user, while the /Library directory is shared by all users. Either library may be used. In the following example I entered ~/Library.

Choose Go and Finder will locate the Library directory. Then navigate down to the Plug-Ins directory. If the Plug-Ins directory is missing then it will be necesary to create it using Finder. Navigate to Library/Application Support/Aperture, then Control-Click and choose New Folder. Aperture is fussy so be sure that the name of the new folder is Plug-Ins, not plug-ins or PlugIns.


To install PTLens first close Aperture (Aperture > Quit) and copy file PTLens.ApertureEdit from the DMG distribution to the Library. To copy a file open Finder and Control-click on the source file and choose Copy. Then Control-click on the destination Plug-Ins directory and choose Paste Item.

After installing the plug-in open Aperture, choose Aperture > Preferences, and click on the Export tab. For the External Editor File Format click on the drop-down list and select TIFF (8 or 16 bits).

Process an Image

Now we're ready to process an image. Start Aperture, click on an image, and choose Photos > Edit with Plug-In > PTLens. Alternatively you can Control-click on an image and make the same selection.

If the dialog doesn't appear perhaps you forgot to disable Gatekeeper. After processing an image, Aperture will overlay a small circle, or badge, on the copy modified by PTLens. A red line has been added to indicate the badge.