PTLens can be configured to display in several languages. On the PC choose Tools > Options and on the Mac choose PTLens > Preferences then select the language of your choice. The display for each language is based on a simple string table. If your language is not supported, right-click on this link to download the string table. Edit the file with a text editor, such as NotePad, and translate the table to the language of your choice. Then send it to me as an attachment me for inclusion in the next release. Each entry in the string table specifies an identifier and associated string.

 IDS_STRING5 "Error: file %s, line %d, invalid format: %s"

Translate the string in quotes to your language, leaving the identifier and format specifiers such as %s and %d untouched. For example, here is a German translation of the above string.

 IDS_STRING5 "Fehler: Datei %s, Zeile %d, ungültiges Format: %s"

The original file is an ASCII text file. If your language includes special characters please submit a Unicode or Word Rich Text Format (RTF) file. Note that strings 60–63 and 78 have limited space and you may have to abbreviate.