Duplicate Bookmarks

Software program dups scans your bookmarks and lets you know if there are any duplicates. First export a list of all bookmarks to an HTML file, then invoke dups on the HTML file. Note that dups is a DOS command-line program and only runs under Microsoft Windows. If you have a Mac you can still export bookmarks to an HTML file, transfer it to a PC, and invoke dups on the file. Program dups may be downloaded from this site. It's a short program, written in C++, using the Standard Library. Source code included.

How to Save Bookmarks

Ctrl-Shift-O to bring up the Bookmark Manager
Hamburger > Export bookmarks

Ctrl-Shift-B to bring up the Bookmark Manager
Import and Backup
Export Bookmarks to HTML

How to Run dups

Program dups must be invoked from the command line. Under Windows run cmd.exe. This will create a window where a few simple commands will suffice.

    cd abc      change to directory "abc" 
    cd ..       change to the parent directory
    cd          display name of current directory
    dir         list contents of current directory
Let's assume you exported your bookmarks to file list.html. Place both dups.exe and list.html in the same directory. Then type:
    dups list.html              all duplicate bookmarks are displayed on the console
    dups list.html > list.txt   all duplicate bookmarks are saved in file list.txt

Sample Output

    [Browse|News - Mainstream] The New York Times
    [Browse|News] The New York Times
    [Bookmarks Toolbar] NYT

    [References] How safe is Word encryption
    [References] How safe is Word encryption. Is it really secure
Tom Niemann
Portland, Oregon